Pittsburg Pa

Pittsburg is among the best places to visit and the largest city in Pennsylvania. It is an economic hub. It is a well developed city. Education, financial services, healthcare and technology has contributed so much in the growth of the city. Many people from different corners visit this place. It is convenient and has almost everything you need. There are lots of things you can do in Pittsburg. It’s a great city. There are hotels, pubs, motels and resorts among other outdoor activities.

It is well known due to its stable economy. Many people visit this city since it is rich in cultures, tourist attractions and arts among other things. There are so many popular places you can visit in this city such as;

· National Aviary

· Senator john Heinz History Center

· Silver Eye

· Wood Street Galleries

· Mellon Arena

· Art Institutes

· Heinz Field among others


There is availability of hotels and accommodations.  A friend of mine is a co owner of one of these, and owns Cumming Ga pawn shop here in Georgia as well. There are luxury hotels, super luxury and cheap hotels. In Pittsburg you can find hotels of various categories. As we have seen, Pittsburg PA is such a nice and wonderful city to visit in Pennsylvania. There’s a lot of fun, recreational facilities, hotels among others. You can visit the city with your family and friends. There is transport Continue reading →

The Steel City

Most cities attain their title nicknames from either good or bad reasons. Pittsburgh on the other hand,got its ‘steel city’ title because of its rich history as a focal point of the steel business. Steel factories were mostly the employers of numerous Pittsburgh residence, and a lot of that legacy is still obvious in the current culture.

Pittsburgh and the encompassing area was once one of the biggest steel makers on the planet. A decent arrangement of American steel is delivered out in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. By the mid nineteenth century, Pittsburgh was creating gigantic amounts of iron, metal, tin, and glass items. I know a guy who owns Georgia Tree Company in Alpharetta that goes back every year to see family here, and really loves the place.

How steel industry began

Production of steel framed the basis of the city’s development and flourishing. Steel assembling let alone from Pittsburgh was triggered and stimulated by the cutoff of provisions by Britain amid the War of 1812. Pittsburgh steel industry started rising when business entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie opened the Edgar Thomson Works processes in 1875 and started mass-production of durable, cheap steel through the licensed process of Bessemer.

Toward the start of the twentieth century, the U.S. Steel Corporation would be shaped. By World War II, Pittsburgh would create huge amounts of steel in the millions. This is the means by which Pittsburgh got its title name of the ‘Steel City.’ Unfortunately, the industry imploded with numerous steel plants Continue reading →