Carlisle, PA: A Unique Vacation Destination

I had the extreme pleasure of being able to, a short time ago, pay a visit to a small town situated in the middle of Pennsylvania. This place is full of spirit and possesses its own persona that makes it quite innovative and booming. This town is Carlisle and actually my buddy over at Smyrna Junk Pros has family that still lives there. Anyway, It is attractive and historic, with residents who are full of pride. The downtown area is the center of Carlisle, bursting with antique shops, art galleries, clothing boutiques, lodging, a performing arts arena, and numerous fine restaurants.

The area is quite diverse and growing culturally, intellectually and socially. It has three universities and possesses award-winning schools. I know from the local folks that in recent years the town started to go down, but a lot of advancement has being made to get the town back on its feet via a huge renovation job, in which the city officials and residents came together to accomplish their objectives. Carlisle is now offering itself to all as a distinctive and wonderful historic and fascinating place once again.

Folks come to Carlisle from everywhere for numerous reasons. It has become a place for the locals to enjoy as a vacation destination since it is just a couple of hours away, including the city of Pittsburgh. Carlisle is facing a replenished economic boom with its commerce and business attracting folks from all over. In addition, Carlisle’s modern lodging in its downtown area lets visitors take in not only Carlisle but all surrounding areas.

Situated only minutes from other cities and towns, such as Harrisburg, Hershey, and Gettysburg, Carlisle is about two hours from Philadelphia and Washington D.C. It might be just a short distance away, but this town is a world apart.  When strolling through this amazing community, you can’t help but see the things that make Carlisle extraordinary.