Pittsburgh: Home to the 1st Movie Theater

When it was first produced, a movie is typically shown to folks in a theater or cinema. The first theater built solely for movies opened in 1905 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hundreds of similar movie houses were constructed or transformed from current facilities within years. In the US, these movie theatres started to be called nickelodeons, because getting in usually costed five cents (a nickel).

Usually, one film was the featured movie. Before the 70s, there were double features, usually a high- quality movie rented by an independent theater for a price. A “B” picture” of low quality rented for a proportion of the gross receipts. Nowadays, most of the material presented before the movie are future movie previews and advertisements (trailers).

Generally, every big movie was created to be presented in movie theatres anywhere there was one. A good friend of mine who does the best gutter repair in Smyrna has a fascination of these older types of theaters and tries to visit whenever possible. The advancement of television has permitted movies to be shown to greater audiences, typically after the film isn’t being presented in movie theatres. Recording technology has also allowed people to rent or buy movies on VHS or DVD (and the older formats of laserdisc and VHS). Moreover, the internet lets anyone with access download a movie. These facts bring several revenue sources for film companies. Some movies are now made explicitly for these other venues, including being made just for television or straight to video. The production worth on these films are often thought to be of less substantial quality than movies that are made for the theatre. There is some truth to this since there are numerous movies that are rejected by their own studio are they are finished and are dispensed through these markets.

The movie theater pays, on average, between 50-60% of its ticket sales to the movie studios, referred to as movie rental fees. This is just some info to ponder the next time you plan on going to the movies.